In addition to selecting their next governor, legislative representatives, and local officials, Marylanders will be asked to approve an amendment to the state constitution to “protect” transportation funding.

WASHINGTON — Just two months before next week’s midterm elections, the Obama administration in September awarded the biggest share of almost $600 million in economic stimulus-based transportation grants to projects in districts with a Democratic congressman even though Republicans represent 34 more House districts across the country, an Associated Press analysis has found.

Grant money from the state's new multimodal fund will provide nearly $16.6 million for 17 transportation projects in Western Pennsylvania, PennDOT said Tuesday.

Statewide, PennDOT is doling out $84 million in grants. PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch called them “vital investments ... to improving transportation in communities across the state.”

Seven Allegheny County projects are receiving a combined $6.5 million.

The multimodal fund provides money for freight and passenger rail, aviation, ports and waterways, and bicycle and pedestrian safety.

In less than two weeks, voters across the country have an opportunity to safeguard and improve investments in transportation that make a real and positive difference daily in the lives of businesses and commuters.

A series of state ballot initiatives facing voters this Election Day has a chance to shape our transportation future. Voters should consider the importance of maintaining our commitment to building and repairing America’s roads and bridges when casting their ballots this fall.

Wisconsin and Maryland



SAI's overall performance on this project was outstanding.

Dave Layman, PENNDOT, District 10-0
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