In recent weeks, both presidential candidates have unveiled plans to repair and improve the country’s bridges, roads, internet and water systems. Democratic nominee Clinton says she will allocate $275 billion to the cause, including the creation of a national infrastructure bank designed to spur private investment, in what she has called the “biggest job creation program since World War II.”

California’s deficient system of roads and bridges has cost Californians $53.6 billion in additional vehicle operating costs, traffic-related delays and car crashes, according to a recent report by national transportation group TRIP.

The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission in September will complete its first bridge inspection using an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), or drone.

The drone will be used to inspect the Sandusky River Bridge, a 970-ft-long bridge in Sandusky County some time in mid-September.

The turnpike commission will work with the Ohio/Indiana UAS Center, the Ohio Department of Transportation and a UAS company, senseFly, on the drone bridge inspection. The commission will compare the results of the drone inspection with those garnered by an in-person inspection.



The Department is pleased with the overall performance of the SAI Consulting Engineers team.  The SAI team was cooperative and very responsive to the Department's requests and reviews were turned around in a timely manner.

Pennylvania Department of Transportation, District 9-0
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